Indian dog walks on the street

Unique Indian Dog Names

Ever since i was a little kid, I’ve seen a lot of dog owners naming their dogs with unique Indian dog names, and have always wondered where the passion for unique Indian dog names came from, and if raising dogs is a common thing in India. so I decided to do a little research. You will be amazed to know what I’ve found:

Indian culture

I have discovered that many Indians see the act of naming their dog a great way of reflecting and honoring their heritage. They think it’s a great way to show off their passion for their background— or just their love for the Indian culture in general, and there is no better way of doing so except naming their dog with a unique Indian dog name. The culture of India refers to the thousands of unique cultures of all religions and communities in India. So you can imagine there are quite a few unique Indian dog breeds and unique Indian dog names out there. During my research, Iv’e found a special Indian dog breed— The Indian pariah dog.

The Indian pariah dog

The Indian pariah dog

Let’s go way back… I was overwhelmed by the fact that the Indian pariah dog was one of the first dogs to be domesticated by humans. It is easily trainable and often used as a guard dog and police dog.
The Indian pariah is a medium-sized dog, and the most commonly observed colors are browns, ranging from dark to reddish-brown, with or without white markings.
The namesake of this breed was given during the British Raj in India after the Pariah tribe of the Madras Presidency. From the Anglo-Indian word pye or paë and Hindi pāhī meaning ‘outsider’, the Indian pariah dog is sometimes referred to as the pye-dog (also spelt pie or pi) and the Indian native dog.

Many beautiful Indian dog names

During my journey of discovering the magnificent culture of India, and unique Indian dog names, I have found some beautiful names that many Indians tend to name their dogs. Here are some different unique Indian dog names that I’ve found:

1. Adil (sincere).
2. Amir (rich).
3. Asha (hope/desire).
4. Baloo (bear from The Jungle Book).
5. Akash (the sky).
6. Chandra (shining moon).
7. Bolly (like Bollywood).

These are just some of the many beautiful and unique Indian dog names out there.

The verdict

The journey i took was remarkable, unique and taught me a lot about the Indian culture.
I’ve found out that there are a lot of different and unique Indian dog names and dog breeds, with the most special one being the Indian pariah dog. I’ve learned that no matter if you have Indian roots or not, naming your dog with an Indian dog name is unique and many times has a beautiful meaning behind it.

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