Getting Started With Dog Training

Getting started with dog training

Proper training and socialization are part of your dog’s basic needs. It’s important to start training your dog as soon as possible.
At first, dog training can seem pretty overwhelming, especially if this is your first dog. Training your dog is a big project, and wer’e here to help you with that task. Here is some information about getting started with dog training.

Positive Reinforcement

Whether you are just getting started with dog training or not, you’ve probably heard about using positive reinforcement to train your dog. This is the most popular dog training technique out there, and it means you reward the behaviors you like and ignore the behaviors you don’t like. You can use everything you can think of as a reward. Treats, praise, or life rewards (games, walks, car rides) to reward your dog’s behavior that you like. Clicker training is one effective method, but it’s possible to use rewards without the clicker. To help you get started, it’s good to understand that training your dog with positive reinforcement has many benefits.

Train your dog with games

​Serious dog training is important, and playtime is just as important. It’s very effective to use games as training as well. However, don’t forget that sometimes it should be just about having fun. Some of the dog training games are great for indoor playtime.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a great dog training technique. Dogs can really enjoy this game and learn a lot from it. Use one of your dog’s favorite toys, chews or treats, Tell your dog to stay, and go find a good hiding place. When you are ready, call your dog to come to you. This dog training method is extremely good and effective.


Even if you are just getting started with dog training, you may know that many dogs loves, and have a natural instinct to fetch. Other dogs can be taught how to do so. You can use that as a dog training method. Playing fetch with your dog can be done almost anywhere. You can play indoors with a toy or outdoors with a ball or stick.

The verdict

There are many ways to train your dog. Some are more effective than others. Whether you are getting started with dog training, or an expert, you can always learn something new like training your dog using different and fun games, or positive reinforcement.

1 thought on “Getting started with dog training”

  1. This was so helpful, thanks!
    My dog recently started barking around other people because he is scared, I will definitely start training him with all the tips you listed above.
    By the way, What do I do if my dog won’t stop scratching the door? It’s full of scratches by now, and I just don’t know what to do. Could you give me an advice about keeping him calmer?


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