The Most Popular Male Dog Names

The Most Popular Male Dog Names

No dog names can be considered better than others, but there are certain dog names that are more popular than others. Keeping this in mind, here are the most popular male dog names in the world.


The number one most popular dog name of 2019 for male dogs is Max. This one’s a no-brainer actually since it applies to almost any breed of dog and is extremely simple. Simplicity is key when choosing dog names since no one wants their dog to have a hard time recognizing their name. Evidently, a dog with a difficult name will have a hard time initially to recognize his name.


The second best male dog name on the basis of popularity in 2019 is bear. It mostly applies to larger dog breeds like German shepherds; for example, however, no one says the name is exclusive to large dogs. One may have the intent to name a smaller dog “bear” just for the sake of irony. The name Bear just seems natural at times since some dogs do resemble a tone-downed version of an actual bear. Some of the more sophisticated breeds like poodles may not suit this criterion though.


The third most popular male dog name of 2019 is Charlie. It is an extremely common and simple name, suitable for any dog breed, regardless of size or appearance. You could have a Pug and a Siberian Husky, both named Charlie and it would make complete sense. That just goes to show how applicable this name is to any male dog, thus explaining its high popularity in male dog names.

The Verdict

Once again, there is no superior dog name as owners wish to brand their dogs with names that feel suitable to them. This may vary depending on a variety of concerns.

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