Healthy Food For Dogs Part II

Healthy Food for Dogs Part II

Feeding a grown dog and feeding a puppy is different since a grown dog is not developing bones and organs rather just efficiently maintaining them. In order to do so, the diet of a grown dog is different. Having said this, here are some tips to keep your dog healthy.

General Idea

Dogs feed two times a day on average in order to stay healthy and responsive to their dog names. An unhealthy dog will be lazy and ignore his or her dog name so it is important to keep your dog well fed. Domesticated dogs are mostly carnivores but will eat omnivorous food as well thus a healthy dogs diet may consist of vegetables and meat.

How Much

The amount of food that your dog consumes per serving depends on the dog breed, the amount of activity your dog does on a regular basis and a few other factors. It is important to keep up with these patterns and to know your dog’s needs to keep them active and responsive to their dog names. If your dog is malnourished, you will notice a decrease in activity and less responsiveness to dog names being called.

What to be Aware of

There are some human foods that must be kept away from dogs at all times. People may train their dogs to leave things when their dog names are yelled loudly as in if a dog reaches for these food items you could yell their dog name and they would leave it. These foods include chocolate, onions, garlic, citrus, raw yeast dough and in some cases lactose. These foods can be poisonous to your dog.


Feeding your dog isn’t rocket science as you just have to know your pet and train them to leave certain foods when you say their dog names loudly to keep them safe and healthy.

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