Most Popular Spanish Dog Names

Most Popular Spanish Dog Names

Whether it is to pay homage to your heritage or to decide a good name for a Spanish dog breed, Spanish dog names are quite often used among pet enthusiasts. Having said that, here are the most popular Spanish dog names in the world.


This name is the most frequently used female dog name in 2019 as well as the most popular Spanish dog name in the world right now. The popularity of this dog name can be explained for obvious reasons since it is very easy to say, so having to repeat yourself cannot be annoying. Secondly, it’s an appealing name that people like to hear; the dog name Bella literally means “Beautiful”. Having simple dog names is important because when training dogs, they recognize simple names easily.


The dog name Diego is meant for male dogs. It’s a simple yet appealing name. Its popularity is credited to a number of reasons, for example, the popular children’s TV show “Go Diego Go” which features a Spanish protagonist by the name “Diego”. Football enthusiasts also attribute this name to football legend Diego Maradona who led the Argentine national team to their only two world cup titles. These are the factors that induce the popularity of this name.


The next popular Spanish dog name on this list is “amigo” which is as simple as it goes with Spanish dog names. Amigo translates to “friend” thus making it a fitting name for man’s best friend, regardless of breed, appearance or size. This name has gained its popularity out of sheer simplicity and being a common Spanish word, known to Spanish and non-Spanish people alike.

To Conclude

Spanish dog names have gained a degree of popularity for their appeal and simple meanings which tells us why they are having such a presence in the world of pet enthusiasts.

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