Dog Names of Important Persons

Dog Names of Important Persons

Celebrities are known to be trendsetters for the general public and people who follow them. Even their dogs have some influence as their dog names are famous. Having said this, here are some dog names set by important people.

Adam Sandler: Matzoball& Meatball

Adam Sandler is a very accomplished actor and comedian and has become a household name in Hollywood. Adam has two bulldogs whose dog names are Matzoball and Meatball. These sound like fitting names for bulldogs judging by their push faced expressions and overall appearance. Having almost identical dog names for several dogs have also become a trend among dog enthusiasts.

Anne Hathaway: Esmarelda

People who have seen her performance as Catwoman in the DC universe’s “Batman: The dark knight rises”, Anne Hathaway could be considered a cat person by most, on the contrary, Anne owns a Labrador by the name Esmeralda. This is apparently a more sophisticated dog name as compared to other dog names.  Although now a very popular dog name, die-hard fans of Anne Hathaway might keep the same dog names for their dogs just because of the fact that Anne Hathaway’s dog is named Esmeralda.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: Brutus

It only seems fair for The Rock to have a pet with an equally intimidating and strong name as his own. Although his dog, Brutus is a French bulldog which are not generally a big dog breed; however, it seems evident that The Rock wouldn’t settle for any soft sounding name for his dog. This proves that the personality of the dog owner has a direct influence on the name of the dog being decided by them.

To Conclude

Celebrities are people with distinct personalities that many people follow, so it’s always a matter of importance for pet enthusiasts to observe what their favorite personalities choose as names for their dogs.

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