Healthy for Kids to Grow up around Dogs
Dogs and Kids

Healthy for Kids to Grow up around Dogs

Keeping a dog in a household can be considered a demanding task, but ever so often the good aspects outweigh the price tag that comes along with it. Here are some reasons why it is healthy for kids to grow up around dogs.


A very beneficial aspect for kids to grow up around dogs is that maintaining a dog induces a sense of responsibility in kids. Kids can always look forward to having a puppy and giving dog names but sometimes overlook the responsibility that comes with it. Parents can utilize the responsibility aspect to teach their kids valuable lessons. Dogs also bond with kids after getting used to them calling their dog names often.


Therapy dogs can be extremely beneficial in the lives of children that are born with disorders such as autism, ADHD or ADD. The reason this is true because dogs provide a sense of safety to them, they lower anxiety, they induce social interactions, and they even encourage communication. Children with mental disorders, recognizing dog names, and using those dog names often to interact with their therapy dogs has a plethora of benefits that even humans can not completely fulfill.

Physical Activity

A grave issue in today’s youth is that they stay inside all the time, never having enough physical exercise. The presence of a dog induces the need for physical exercise as, without it, the dog would be miserable inside all the time. Very common game dogs learn is to fetch when their dog names are called. This is only a single example of all the physical exercise dogs have to offer. Dogs rush to their owners upon hearing their dog names to go out for walks or exercise.


Adopting a puppy and giving dog names is something many children want to do, which is a good thing considering all the good it could do for them that they don’t know of.

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