Dogs Growing With Babies
Dogs and Kids

Dogs Growing With Babies

Parents are concerned at times whether it is wise or not to have a dog while there’s a baby in the house. It is indeed beneficial for several reasons to do so, here’s why.

Physically Beneficial

Studies show that babies that are raised in the presence of dogs are 50% less likely to develop allergies and asthma as compared to the babies who grow up in the absence of dogs. This is due to the fact that a child growing up in the presence of a dog will have a much stronger immune system as compared to children growing up without dogs.

Consistent Friendship

Having a dog is like having a friend who never leaves the house. For children, the presence of dogs provides friendship and comfort at any time. Children can learn dog names and interact with them even more often since they can call their dogs by their dog names. Having this type of bond with a dog is mutually beneficial for both the child and the dog. There could be instances where a baby’s first words would be dog names.

Emotional Intelligence

Caring for another living being causes a child to be more compassionate and caring. A child that grows up with a dog will remember his dog name for all of his or her lifetime. This has an impact on the child’s mentality and causes them to be more empathetic, which is an invaluable lesson that most parents struggle to teach. A child doesn’t see a dog as an animal rather as a friend and will cherish them as such. Having children decide dog names also gives them a sense of being relevant in important decisions since the dog name is something they come up with themselves.

In Conclusion

Having dogs around babies is beneficial, and their dog names will be remembered for all of the baby’s life as a childhood companion.

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