Adopt a Dog Or Not
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Adopt a Dog or Not

Pet enthusiasts often contemplate on the idea of adopting a dog. Adopting a dog is a righteous thing to do for numerous reasons. Here are some reasons why adopting a dog is a good thing to do.

Discourage the Buying of Animals

A very good factor of dog adoption is that it discourages the idea of buying and selling dogs as if they were some object of trade. Adopting a dog, giving them dog names, and taking them into our home is an act of morality rather than buying them for money. So it is a good thing to do since it directly discourages the business of selling animals.

Give a Dog a Home

Dogs that live in shelters may never find an owner. There is a probability that they live and die in a shelter and never find an owner or have dog names. The adoption of dogs is directly affecting the life of a said dog by giving them a home to live in and a family to call their own. Having dog names is important since it brands the dog to belong to a family, and it is achieved through adoption. Never finding a home or a dog name is what happens when a dog goes unadopted.

State of Shelters

The impact being made through adoption is not to be overlooked. Adoption directly keeps dogs away from cruelty in mass breeding facilities. The life of dogs in shelters is not good since their prime concern is keeping large numbers of dogs caged in small cages. Adopting a dog and branding him as your own with dog names is considered a community service. Dogs with no dog names,  in a shelter, don’t have good lifetimes.

In conclusion

In summation, it is a good move to adopt a dog and give it a dog name and take it is as your own to keep it from the miserable life in a shelter.

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