Famous Dog Names of Stars

Famous Dog Names of Stars

Celestial objects have a degree of appeal towards people as they are fascinated with these anomalies. Every so often astrology enthusiasts or just regular dog owners have dog names that are related to stars. Having said this, here are some popular dog names of stars.


The first celestial inspired dog name is Adhara which is derived from the constellation of Centaur Major. Centaur major is a constellation of stars that looks roughly like a dog. This dog name is very popular among astrology enthusiasts who are familiar with this specific constellation. Especially famous among people whose star sign is Sagittarius since this constellation specifically represents Sagittarius.


The next celestial dog name is Celeste which is derived from the adjective “celestial” itself which means positioned in or related to the sky, or outer space as observed in astronomy. This dog name is mostly for female dogs as the name suggests. Many astrology enthusiasts pick this dog name for the reasons that it is an attractive name that is related to their area of interest while it is also easy to say thus making it very popular among dog owners.


The next popular celestial dog name is Aries which is derived directly from the star sign “Aries”. As the name suggests, it is popular among astrology enthusiasts and even more so among people whose own star sign is Aries. The constellation of Aries consists of 41 ari, Hamal, Sheratan and Mesarthim. The constellation is also named “Aries”. Not to be confused with another dog name that is “Ares” which is derived from the greek god of war.

In conclusion

People who are into astrology tend to choose names for their pets that are inspired by celestial bodies or astrology related figures. These undoubtedly make for brilliant dog names that are extremely attractive among pet enthusiasts.

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