The Most Popular Dog Kinds
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The Most Popular Dog Kinds

There are many breeds of dogs, yet a few among them manage to stand out and be recognized more distinctly than others. Here are a few dogs that make this list.

Labrador retriever

Labs are a very popular dog breed with their friendly and easy going attributes. Whenever someone thinks of a dog name, they tend to have the first image of a Labrador retriever come to mind due to the popularity of the breed. Labs identify as among the more intelligent breeds and easily recognize their dog names. Once given a dog name, they will bear it as a seal for the rest of their lives.

German shepherd

German shepherds are a strong and obedient breed of dogs that are kept in households and militaries alike. German shepherds are easy to train, and they bond easily with their owners. German shepherds love their owners to death and respond instantly to their dog names. They are intelligent creatures that instantly divert their attention to you upon hearing their dog name. People also prefer German shepherds for security or hunting purposes.   

French bulldog

French bulldogs, or “frenchies” for short are a popular small-dog breed that are well known to be smart and adaptable. The trademark feature of the French bulldog is their bat-like ears. Frenchies are known to require lesser food as compared to larger breeds, thus making them easier to take care of. Their small stature and push-faced expression have captured the hearts of many dog enthusiasts. They respond to their dog names and are very playful. A variety of dog names can apply to French bulldogs since their color of fur varies.

The Verdict

There is no absolute best dog breed in fact, so it is wise to look for the dog that is the best for you when thinking of becoming a dog owner.

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