How To Train a Dog Part III

How to Train a Dog Part 3

While training your dog, there are certain mistakes that are to be avoided when training your dog. These mistakes can have consequences. For instance, if your dog is unhappy, he will ignore dog names when called.

Leash Pulling

Having a leash on your dog is important for the safety of your dog and for the safety of other people at times. One error that people make is that they get aggressive with the leash and tend to yank on it. What this does is that it discourages your dog from the leash and induces discomfort. Calling out dog names aggressively while pulling on a leash can make a dog resent their owner, which is not a good thing in training your dog.

Settling Time

People tend to go overboard when they get a new dog and throw a lot towards the dog altogether, which is harmful since they need time to adjust. It is paramount to take things easy and go at a comfortable pace. Calling the dog names and training very often can be tiring while calling dog names very rarely can be harmful as well. Thus it is important to maintain a comfortable pace while training your dog.

Start With Names

It is very important to emphasize dog names at the beginning of training to make your dog understand that it is their attention we want. At first, your dog will not recognize dog names so you can get your dog’s attention just by making random sounds. This acknowledgment is a good thing, but you need to emphasize dog names because you don’t want to be calling your dog via random sounds in the future.

To conclude

It’s important to know things beforehand in matters of dog training, and this knowledge can be availed by the internet or through dog owner.

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