How To Train a Dog Part II

How to Train a Dog Part 2

The technical aspects of training your dog are not rocket science. They are quite simple actually, and anyone can do them at the end of the day.


Make sure to reward your dog after any training exercise he completes with either petting or with treats. What this does is that it will encourage your dog to do the things you’re teaching. The exercises can be a good time to emphasize the dog names for your dog to pick it up. Saying the dog names several times during training helps your dog recognize it since dog names are heard often.

Variable Difficulty

At times you will notice your dog not responding to his or her dog name and not being very enthusiastic about a certain exercise. This just means you have to be a little patient until your dog is comfortable with doing that exercise. For example, you cannot expect a pup to go all the way down a flight of stairs on the first try rather you have to train your pup to go one stair at a time at first. Just calling your dog by their dog names and expecting them to do things they’ve never done before is futile.

Have fun

A study done on the physiological effect of human-animal interaction showed that levels of oxytocin increase in interactions that involve playfulness. To have playful interactions with your dog builds trust, and while doing so, you can also repeat dog names for your dog to recognize it. This may not seem like proper training but keeping your puppy excited really lets him bond with you and listen to you more.


Training your dog never seems a daunting task rather a rewarding one. Dogs easily pick up on their dog names after a degree of trust is achieved.

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