How To Train a Dog Part I

How to Train a Dog Part 1

Training your dog is a major concern of many dog enthusiasts who have not done this before. I variety of factors come into play in this matter.

When to Train your dog

Contrary to the popular belief that dogs must be young to be trained, the age of a dog at which it is trained is irrelevant. You can train a dog at any age. The foundation is to bond with your dog, and due to that, communication will flourish. Dogs will quickly pick up their dog names after a bond is established. When your dog trusts you, having him respond to his dog name is quite simple after that.

Pace Yourself

In matters of training your dog must have some say as to how the training is done. You have to recognize the dog’s pace and not force him or her to train when they’re not comfortable. A dog may choose to ignore their dog name when they don’t feel like training. The intensity of the training should be controlled, as well. You cannot expect your pups to pick up on certain stuff instantly. It may be a while even before they recognize their dog names.

Building Trust

The main goal of training is not to have your dog obeying your commands like a robot; rather, the goal is to establish a degree of trust between you and your dog. Whatever training exercise you choose, make sure you’re there for your dog, and he can trust you while doing it. To have your dog respond to you calling their dog name, there has to be a degree of mutual understanding. A dog will not respond to his or her dog name if the foundation has not been set.


Starting to train your dog is tricky since they don’t recognize their dog names yet, but trust builds over time, and with the right effort, it’s an easy and rewarding task.

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